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Prales Katro Papus  (PKP) - Untold Roma Fairy-Tales

As I child (until I was 10 years old), fairy-tales are used to be told by my fathers and uncle when the lights were of (electricity cuts) and before going to bed. I was lucky to have a father who was gifted storyteller. Stories he heard when he was a child or even from talkative people who can’t stop talking. Every winter night my brothers and myself would gather around the warm stove and listen to all these stories, over and over again. My father died on the 5th of December 2010 and I remember only hints and characters of stories. This book collection of fairy-tales is a quest of searching for these never writen fairy-tales that my father use to tell me. In once upon a time there was grandfather and grandmother, the hero and the fear, poor and the rich, the brothers and sisters, the wizards and witch. After each story the valuable lesson has been learned.  If I could only remember them... 

Projets 2015

Atelier de film – Échange de jeunes "Tisser des amitiés sans frontières - agir ensemble“  – Marseille, Juillet 2015, ARTichaut (France) et Balkan Büro (Allemagne)

Atelier d'initiation pour l’OSCE «  participation et campagne vidéo pour les jeunes Roms », Varsovie, 2015


Objectifs du pôle films

Au sein du pôle films, Somany produit des films, notamment documentaires, organise des ateliers d’action culturelle / d’éducation à l’image, avec des jeunes réalisateurs et les jeunes en difficultés. Ce pôle aura également pour vocation à long terme d’organiser  également des projections, et des évènements (festivals) diffusant des films engagés.
Activités: Production de films, ateliers, projection, programmation